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Useful queries

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List papers for which results are expected

So that you know who to pester for results!

select Paper_Code, count(*)
    Enrolment inner join
    Paper using (Paper_Code, Year, Period_Code)
    Year = YYYY and
    Period_Code = 'X#' and
    Enrolled_At_End and
group by Paper_Code
having count(*) > 0
order by Paper_Code;

List A+ students

This is handy if you want to send them a congratulations letter or similar.

    Student_ID, Surname || ', ' || Othernames as Name,
    String_Agg(Enrolment.Paper_Code || ' (' || Result || ')', ', ') as Papers
    Enrolment inner join
    Student using (Student_ID) inner join
    Paper using (Paper_Code, Year, Period_Code )
where Year = YYYY
  and Result >= 90
  and Visible
group by Student_ID, Name
order by Name, Student_ID;