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You should now have data in three of the five tables, and you should be getting close to completing the CREATE TABLE statements for the two remaining tables (Measurement and Measurement Type). Once you’ve created these two tables, use the skills you learned in this lab to populate them with data as well. Data for the Measurement table are in the CSV file, but you’ll need to think carefully about how to handle outlier values. You’ll need to generate appropriate data for the Measurement Type table based on the types of measurement shown on the sample data form from Lab 03. 

In the next two labs, you’ll learn how to retrieve data from a database. If you want to get a head start, you can experiment with SQL’s SELECT statement.  
 Here are some useful links:

•	Oracle’s SQL Language Reference  
•	Documentation for Oracle’s SELECT statement (caution: extremely detailed!)  
•	An online SQL tutorial that’s a bit more lightweight and interactive