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This week, you’ll look at how to manipulate data in an Oracle database, focusing on the Read (SQL SELECT) operation. Of the data manipulation sublanguage statements, SELECT is by far the most complicated and interesting (INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE are much more straightforward).  

All the work that you do today contributes towards completing the second assignment. It’s in your interest to make notes in this lab, as the notes will help you with the required components of the assignment.

### Task 0: Scenario and setup
Today’s lab continues the water quality scenario from where you left off last time. You’ll need to complete Lab 04 before you can complete the tasks in this lab (a solution is available on Blackboard if you need to catch up). You created database tables corresponding to the Scientist, Sample, and Site entities in the ERD below, and filled them with data.

If you haven’t already done so, you’ll complete the details for the Measurement and Measurement Type tables as part of your work for the second assignment. This lab focuses on the Scientist, Sample, and Site tables.  

You’ll also need the water quality CSV data file and the sample data form from Lab 04 on Blackboard. Download copies of these if you don’t have them already.