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Before we start the task for today we will test that we have our set-up correct.

  1. Write a simple create table statement:

      UserName varchar(10)
  2. < Enter">> will run the statement, or use the <

    > button on the left side of the editor pane.

  3. Right click on the gutter between the editor and execute buttons and check the <

    > box --- this can be helpful to find errors.

  4. Check the Navigator window to see if it created OK.

    You will probably need to drill into your schema to find the tables:


    Databases > Schemas > your username > Tables">>.

    You probably won't see the Test table since the Navigator pane does not automatically refresh --- you need to manually do this. Right click on the <

    > and select <>.

    You should see the Test table now.

  5. Try inserting some data:

    INSERT INTO Test (UserName) VALUES ('doris');

    Use < Enter">> to run the insert statament.

  6. Now we can test that it worked by interrogating the database with a SELECT statement:

    SELECT * FROM Test;

    to check it is there.

  7. Test completed. Clear out the the Test table and we are ready to start work.

    DROP TABLE Test;