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We have created a web application for the water sampling system. It is incomplete --- it currently only allows the user to add and view scientists and samples --- the rest of the system has been left out to the keep the system at a manageable level (it is already pretty big with just this subset of features). The code for the system is also missing some bits (guess what your job in this lab is going to be).

  1. Download the project from:

  2. Unzip the project into your <> folder.

  3. The project is a Java project that can be opened with an editor called NetBeans.

    Start NetBeans using <

    Information Science > NetBeans">>

  4. Open the project folder in NetBeans using <

    Open Project">>.

    Ignore any warning dialogs that appear when you open the project (just close them) --- they are just telling you that the project needs a priming build.

  5. Perform the priming build by clicking the <

    > build project button. This will download the library dependencies that the project requires and build the project.