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@Mark George Mark George on 3 Sep 911 bytes Lab 7

We are now in a state where we can test the modifications that have been made.

  1. Run the project by clicking the <

    > run project button.

  2. Click the link that appears in the output pane.

    You should see a web page appear in your web browser.

  3. Click the <

    > button on the main menu.

  4. Click the <

    > button.

  5. Enter the details for a new scientist and click <


    This will cause the addScientist method that you worked on to be called.

    You will be redirected to the scientists page. The details on this page are provided by the getScientists method that you worked on. You should see the scientist that you added appear in the list.

  6. Add another scientist.

  7. Check that the data is going into PostgreSQL by querying the Scientist table using DBeaver. You should see the two scientists that you added.