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The computers in North CAL are set up to dual-boot, into either the standard [Otago Student Desktop]( or a local [Linux]( installation managed by the Department of Information Science. Most of the lab work in COMP 210 will be done on Linux, so if your computer is not already running Linux, then start/restart it and when presented with the OS selection menu shown below, use the arrow and Enter keys to select the Information Science Linux Desktop.

{{/Labs/01/rEFInd image}}

Open-source Linux-based systems are excellent for doing work in computer security, because the software tools are transparent and extensible. They are generally also cross-platform and available *gratis*.

Unfortunately, the Linux desktop is only available in North CAL and OBS3.27 in the Otago Business School, but many of the software tools are readily available if you wish to install them on your own computer.