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A quick survey of the Git repositories on GitBucket shows that several of you have not merged your `topic/product_editor` branch into `master` yet.  This is going to cause problems, so you should check and fix this.

1. Open NetBeans and look at the root of the project in the projects pane.  You will see the current branch to the right of the project name.  If you have properly merged the branch then:

    * The current branch should be `[master]`.
    * You should be able to see your `ProductEditor` class in the `gui` package.  It should be the latest version with the completed <<menu "Save">> button click handler.

   If this is true then you are all good and can move on with the rest of the lab.

2.  If your project is currently on the `[topic/product_editor]` branch then work through steps 1 --- 10 of section [4.2.2](#/Labs/02/Merging%20Topic%20Branches) of last week's lab again since you might have missed one of those steps.  Repeating steps that you have already performed will not cause any trouble.

We found ourselves drawing a diagram for several students in last week's lab while explaining the merge process --- we probably should have included a diagram in last week's lab (we have now retroactively added it to lab 2).  Here it is now:

{{/Labs/02/images/Merging Topic Branches}}