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We will be using TiddlyWiki for delivering the lab content in INFO202.  You saw this in INFO201 so the following is a quick refresher:

* When you have completed a section you can close it with the @@.ou-button-image {{$:/core/images/close-button}}@@ button at the top right of each section.
* You can save the current state of your progress by clicking the @@.ou-button-image {{$:/core/images/permaview-button}}@@ icon on the side bar to the right.  This will change the URL to include the state which you can then bookmark.  If you open the bookmark the page will reappear in the exact state that you left it in.
* You can reset back to the original state using the @@.ou-button-image 
 {{$:/core/images/home-button}}@@ icon on the side bar on the right.  This will close all open sections, so you will lose your progress.
* You can reopen a closed section by clicking its link in the 'Contents' section.
* There is a search box in the side bar on the right that can search the entire document.  The search was a bit broken in the INFO201 version of the labs document, but we have fixed this problem for INFO202.
* If you want a printed copy of this document, first reset the document back to its default state by clicking the @@.ou-button-image {{$:/core/images/home-button}}@@ home button and then the <<menu "Open All">> button to open all of the sections, then click the @@.ou-button-image {{$:/core/images/print-button}}@@ button on the side bar on the right to print the document in is current state.
* You can show and hide the side bar using the @@.ou-button-image 
 {{$:/core/images/chevron-right}}@@ button at the top right of the document.
* You can download a copy of this document using the @@.ou-button-image 
 {{$:/core/images/save-button}}@@ icon on the side bar on the right.  Note that this is the only proper way to save the document.  Using the browser's 'save page' feature will likely result in a corrupted document.