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@Mark George Mark George on 18 Aug 879 bytes WIP lab 7

We now have all of the source folders that we are going to be using so remove the unnecessary ones using the <<menu "deleteEmptySourceFolders >> Gradle task. This helps to reduce some unnecessary clutter in your project pane --- you will now only see source folders that you are actually using.

It is important that you create files in the correct source folder:

  • Java classes (including Jooby related classes) go in the <> folder.

  • Any Java classes relating to automated testing go in the <> folder.

  • Configuration files (such as logback.xml) go in the <> folder. We won't be adding any more files to this folder until we get to the security labs.

  • Static assets for the web client, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images or fonts go in the <> folder.