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We will be starting with a new project this week. This project is a version of the student system that includes the Swing GUI from lab 3.

  1. Open that page in a browser, copy the clone URL, and clone the project in NetBeans into your <> folder.

  2. Create your own lab07 repository on GitBucket.

  3. <> the cloned project to your own repository.

  4. Push. Make sure that the project appears in your repository.

  5. Copy your JdbiDaoFactory class and StudentJdbiDAO interface from your lab 6 project into the dao package of the new project. You can copy and paste between projects in NetBeans.

  6. Copy your test classes from the lab 6 project into the <> source folder of the new project. Make sure that they end up in the same package in the new project.

  7. We want to be able to add students to the database via the Swing GUI, so we need to modify the dao variable in the App class (in the default package) so that it uses the JDBI DAO rather than the collections DAO. Do this now.