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We will give you a starting project for this week's lab. It is a modified version of the student system that you have seen in recent lectures. It is very similar to what you worked on in the final milestone of the e-tail system in INFO 201 (for those of you who took INFO 201).

This project is available on GitBucket at:

  1. Visit the above page in a web browser.

  2. Clone the project (<

    Remote > Clone">> in NetBeans). Make sure that you do not store it inside any other repository folders since bad things happen if you nest Git repositories. A logical place to store this repository is in the root of the <> folder that we asked you to create last week.

  3. Open the project in NetBeans (NetBeans will probably offer to open it for you as part of the clone process).

  4. Ignore any warning dialogs relating to "project problems", and build the project to force Gradle to download the libraries for the project (<


  5. Run the project and play with it a bit to work out what features it has. This system has some extra bells and whistles that we didn't ask you to implement in INFO 201, but otherwise should look very similar to what you created in the final milestone of the e-tail system.

<> There will be some errors in the test packages. This is because the tests won't work until we complete the refactoring that was mentioned earlier --- you can still run the project despite the errors.