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@Mark George Mark George on 26 Sep 899 bytes Lab 11

The mkcert CA certificate is now persistently stored on your system. There is no real downside to keeping it and chances are you are going to be using it again at some point in the near future since mkcert is now the only real solution to creating HTTPS certificates for testing and development purposes. Also, the localhost.p12 certificate that your server is now using will only continue to work while the mkcert CA certificate is installed.

If you do decide that you want to remove the mkcert CA certificate from your computer then run the following command in a terminal from the <> folder:

Windows (PowerShell)

$env:CAROOT = pwd; $env:TRUST_STORES = 'system'; .\mkcert.exe -uninstall


CAROOT=$(pwd) TRUST_STORES=system ./mkcert -uninstall


CAROOT=$(pwd) TRUST_STORES=system,nss ./mkcert -uninstall