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@Mark George Mark George on 24 Sep 2021 918 bytes Complete lab 11

The submission instructions are on Blackboard at <

Project > Submission Instructions">>

This week's lab tasks are intentionally small to give you a chance to complete milestone 3.

We will probably have to mark milestones 2 and 3 offline given we may not have enough time to do this in the labs if we are ever able to get back into the labs this semester. As such:

  • Please make sure you create and push a milestone 3 tag as described in the instructions on Blackboard. It is important that we can easily identify the version of the project that you intend to be marked.

  • Create a file in the root of your project named <> which lists any bonus tasks that you have implemented.

Note that this is not the final lab in INFO202. There will be two more labs, both of which will cover examining and fixing the known security vulnerabilities that your system currently contains.