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You used Java a little bit in INFO201 last semester so hopefully your Java skills are not too rusty. It is important that you get your Java skills back up to a working level ASAP since we cover a lot of material in a short amount of time in INFO202. If you struggle with basic Java then you will fall behind very quickly. We do not reteach Java in this course — we assume that if you passed COMP160 which is a prerequisite for this course then you are competent with basic Java.

We have some review exercises that you can work through to test yourself and remind yourself how Java works. You can find this document in the <

Labs">> section of Blackboard. We recommend that you try to complete these exercises over the first couple of weeks of the semester. Feel free to ask for help via email if you get stuck.

Once you complete these exercises your Java skills should be where they need to be to take on INFO202.