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Web browsers will cache files so that they don't need to be downloaded from the web server each time the user views a page. This can be annoying while developing web sites since we always want to be looking at the latest version of a file rather than looking at old, cached versions. Most browsers allow you to disable the cache whenever you have the developer tools open.

  1. Press F12. This key will open the developer tools in most web browsers.

  2. Click somewhere in the developer pane to give that pane focus and then press F1. This key will open the developer tools settings.

  3. Scroll down until you find the option to disable the cache while the developer tools are open. Check the box for that option.

  4. You have probably just opened the dev tools for the INFO201 Tiddlywiki. Switch to the tab that has your student system in it and hit F12 again to open the dev tools for that site (the disable cache option will still be set so you don't need to set that again). Leave the dev tools open whenever you are working on a web page --- the cache will only be disabled while the dev tools are open.