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Let's take a look at the HTTP messages that are being sent between the web browser and web server.

  1. Run the following command from a terminal:

     tcpflow port 8080

    This will run a network monitor that will show you everything that is happening between the browser and web server. Note that this network monitor will only allow you to monitor local (loopback) connections --- ITS security would get grumpy if we let you sniff data that was travelling on the real network.

  2. Add a student via the form. You should see the POST request being sent to the server.

  3. View the students. You should see a GET request being sent to the server and the server sending back the HTML to the browser. Note that the HTML already has the student data --- there is no Java code being sent to the browser. SSR means that the server has done all of the hard work of adding the dynamic content, so all that the browser sees is the final HTML.

    You will probaly also see the CSS being requested, so scroll up a bit to find the HTML.

  4. Leave the tcpflow terminal running --- we will use it again in the next section.