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The SSR web development plugins are currently not installed in NetBeans. We will install them now.

  1. Start NetBeans.

  2. Open the plugins dialog using <

    Plugins > Available Plugins">>. If the list is empty, click the <> button.

  3. Search for 'ee base'. You should see a single result named 'Java EE Base'.

  4. Select the check box and then click <

    >, and then <>.

  5. You will have to wait for a minute or so while licenses are discovered. When that process finishes, select the 'I accept...' check box (they are all open source licenses, so you aren't agreeing to anything too scary) and click <


The installation process will take a few minutes. Unfortunately the SSR web development tools are part of the Java Enterprise Edition tools which is quite a large set of plugins.

Move on to the next section while you wait for the installation to complete.