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The remainder of the project (milestone 3) will be largely self-guided. This week's lab is not the usual step-by-step guide --- it is more of a collection bits of information that you will need to complete various pieces of the project.

At this point you know what use cases and pages you need and the basics of how to use Jooby and Vue.

The last bits of information that you need to know are:

  • How to keep track of the signed-in customer by storing it session storage.
  • How to implement the shopping cart.
  • How to add the selected product to the shopping cart.
  • How to create a navigation menu component.
  • How to implement the Sale JDBI DAO.
  • How to format numbers.
  • How to email an order receipt to the customer. This feature is not a requirement for milestone 3 since it will be covered in next week's lab which is a little bit too close to the deadline.

All of the above items except for the last one will be covered in this lab.

So basically, keep plugging away at the project when you have time and complete the pages one by one. Please don't leave it all to the last week --- you need to give yourself time to get help if you get stuck.

Note: The page and button names mentioned in this lab are the ones shown in the lo-fi mock-ups in the online shop specification document.