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You should remember from INFO201 that currently the Git repository only exists on the GitBucket server. We need to clone a copy down to your home folder so that you can use it.

  1. Start NetBeans 11 if you haven't already.

  2. <

    Git > Clone">>.

    Once you have a Git repository open the <

    > item moves to the < Remote">> menu.

    If asked for a master password at this point (or any later point), it is 'password' (without the speech marks).

  3. Switch to the GitBucket quick setup page in your web browser, and copy one of the origin URLs for your repository from the page. It will start with https:// and end with .git.

  4. Paste the URL into the <

    > box in NetBeans.

  5. Enter your GitBucket username and password and check the save password check box.

  6. Under the <

    > section click <>.

    Navigate to a location where you want to store your course project. If you have not done so already, you should create a folder named info202 in the < Documents">> for storing your INFO202 coursework.

  7. Click <


  8. Click <

    > again since there are no remote branches to worry about yet.

    Make sure that the <

    > checkbox is checked. This will cause NetBeans to offer to create a project the repository after it is cloned.

  9. When NetBeans offers to create a project for you, check the <

    > checkbox so that we have the project added to the favorites pane, and click the <> button.

    Choose <

    Java Application">>

  10. Name the project info202_project, and delete the <

    > (leave it blank).

  11. Click Finish.

You should see a project in the NetBeans projects pane that contains a class named Main in the default package.