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In most of the lab documents there will also be a *project work* section.  This section describes some tasks that we want you complete, but we won't be giving you detailed instructions on how to complete them.  The tasks will be similar to work that you have already done in the lab (or a previous lab), so we expect you to extrapolate from that to work out how to implement the extra tasks.  These tasks contribute directly to your course project.

We will often build on the project tasks in the following lab, so it is important that you complete the project tasks before your lab stream the following week.

Your project tasks for this week are (in addition to those covered in this lab):

* Implement the remaining classes in the domain model using the class diagram shown in section [3.1](#/Labs/02/Create%20the%20Product%20Domain%20Class).

   Refer to the project document for the complete details for the domain model.  This lab document only contains the class diagram --- the project document has more information in it.  The project document will be released around the middle of the week.

    Remeber to reference the issue that you created in section [3](#/Labs/02/Issue%20Driven%20Development) when committing these classes.