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Welcome to INFO202.  In this course we will build on the knowledge that you gained in previous courses (primarily COMP101, COMP160/161, and INFO201) to show you how you can create large (compared to what you have done previously) business applications.

This lab is about reintroducing you to some of the tools that we used in INFO201.

First things first, take a quick look at <<linkFromPath path:"/Reference/Software/Using the TiddlyWiki" text:"using the TiddlyWiki">>, to remind youself of how to work with this document.

If you already have a functional version of NetBeans and VS Code with the Markdown and PlantUML plugins then you are good to go.  If not, take a look at <<linkFromPath  path:"/Reference/Software/Software Used in INFO202" text:"software used in INFO202">> to get everything that you need installed on your own computer.  We would prefer that you use the Linux machines during the lab sessions, but it is important that you are able to use your own computers to work on the project when you don't have easy access to the Linux computers.