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@Mark George Mark George on 20 Jul 2021 1 KB WIP lab 3

When the user clicks the <

> button on the main menu, your ProductEditor dialog should be displayed.

  1. Add an issue to GitBucket describing this task.

  2. While you are there, add another issue reminding yourself to link the <

    > button to the product viewer dialog.

  3. Since the product viewer dialog doesn't exist yet, add another issue reminding yourself to create that dialog. You should be treating the issue tracker as a 'to do' list. Provide sufficient detail in your issue descriptions that you will understand what an issue refers to in 3 weeks time (which is long enough for you to have completely forgotten the context for the issue).

  4. Refer to the Swing/Displaying Dialogs section in the reference for the code that you need to display a dialog.

    Double click the button in the MainMenu to create the event handler method that you need to add the code to.

  5. Test your work. You should be able to run your Main class, have the main menu appear, and then click the button to display the product editor dialog.

  6. Commit. You have completed the issue that you added in the first step, so you can close the issue now. You can add the text Closes #4 to your commit message (assuming the issue ID was #4) to close the issue automatically.