A marking system
Updated 1 day ago
A netcat like tool for analysing HTTP requests (from both server and client perspective).
Updated 11 days ago
A Wiki for Mark to document things
Updated 15 days ago
Updated 25 days ago
Updated on 6 Mar
Updated on 17 Dec
Jetty with Servlets and JSP.
Updated on 14 Dec
Helper class to simplify the use of Bouncy Castle's scrypt implementation for salted password hashing.
Updated on 2 Oct
Updated on 1 Sep
A data processing tool.
Updated on 4 Jun
Updated on 5 May 2021
Updated on 28 Mar 2020
A simple NetBeans plugin that will open project and package folders in the default system file manager.
Updated on 13 Mar 2020
Updated on 10 Feb 2020
Updated on 4 Oct 2019
Trying out ways of doing modal pop-ups on web pages.
Updated on 27 Aug 2018
Templates for producing lab and lecture documents and PlantUML diagrams
Updated on 8 Sep 2017
Updated on 11 Jul 2017
Updated on 27 Apr 2016
A simple client for testing WebSocket servers/clients.
Updated on 31 Mar 2016
Updated on 20 Jul 2015
A tiddlywiki based system for creating reference documents
Updated on 18 Jul 2015
Updated on 15 May 2015
Android client for democall3
Updated on 22 Jul 2014