Department of Information Science
13 days ago
13 days ago
on 26 Oct
Spark 3?
on 5 Oct
da15aa3 Prevent penalties from resulting in negative marks
on 2 Oct
3bc33df Bugfix. Don't send email if marking not complete.
eae297b Bugfix. Clear buttons not working. Inverted logic at some point.
6e72bdb Update H2 versions
on 1 Sep
f90a92b Add description of editor and criterion types.
on 1 Sep
2a2a1c8 Add penalty as criterion
8cdb94b Update libs. Modify build to use libs rather than lib.
on 14 Aug
79ed4a4 Merge commit '0f0b9b19f9685f911901ff62fb42a14e0425ad28'
0f0b9b1 Squashed 'beamerthemes/' changes from 65b44be..374b650
5622862 Added plain landscape OU logo
on 11 Aug
ce5bad7 Merge commit '0898e6656c321694e360326b94d8d7ea54e896a5'
0898e66 Squashed 'lectures/' changes from b663446..cc09fc1
on 8 Aug edited the wiki
on 8 Aug edited the wiki
on 8 Aug edited the wiki
on 17 Jul
fce90c3 Merge commit '79ace75217cea923f4bc08cf3f5e650fd25694e6'
79ace75 Squashed 'lectures/' changes from a41fbbf..b663446
9f9b337 Merge commit '56c3da2b985b13ca55269d2d0c6d8bdfe085899a'
on 4 Jul
80f00b5 Add apt sources list
on 4 Jul
5a232d7 Sometimes the sources.list is broken after install, so fix that.
on 3 Jul
on 21 Jun
on 15 Jun
on 15 Jun
on 15 Jun
Created Funnies.
on 7 Jun
689d0e9 Remove deploy test folder