Various teaching-related LaTeX files, including several independent LaTeX repositories as subtrees
Updated 3 days ago
Notes to self
Updated on 28 Mar
Updated on 20 Mar
Quickly compare files by hash
Updated on 13 Feb
Various Docker resources for using data analytics tools like Spark, etc., in teaching
Updated on 12 Sep
Various support files (makefile templates, makefile includes, configuration scripts) for building course handbooks
Updated on 25 Jan 2023
Gradle infrastructure to build LaTeX lectures
Updated on 7 Dec 2022
A git status prompt for zsh written in Rust
Updated on 20 Oct 2022
Python script for processing and assembling a podcast from various input sources
Updated on 23 Aug 2021
University of Otago LaTeX exam template
Updated on 21 May 2021
Templates for producing lab and lecture documents and PlantUML diagrams
Updated on 9 Apr 2021
Simple JDBC demo using the Water Quality database, based on Grant Dick’s original
Updated on 17 Apr 2020
An AppleScript application to conveniently launch Netbeans on macOS
Updated on 25 Jul 2019
A bare-bones OS X GUI wrapper for Inkscape.
Updated on 22 Jul 2019
XML related stuff including, but not limited to, the XML authoring framework
Updated on 12 Apr 2019
Updated on 3 Nov 2017
Updated on 19 May 2017
The Information Science Discussion Papers series.
Updated on 28 Feb 2017
Stuff relating to various digital repository work.
Updated on 17 Nov 2015
Database for storing spam email messages for research purposes.
Updated on 28 May 2014