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Master XSLT stylesheets for the INFO database authoring framework

You will need SAXON-B installed in order to process these successfully. The final released version of SAXON-B is Earlier versions may not support the required features, and later versions change the architecture in ways that will probably break this framework!

To install:

    git clone https://github.com/Otago-InfoSci-Database/XML.git
    cd XML

You’ll need to have the XML Entity Resolver set up with a catalog that includes the generated .xsl files in this directory. The usual approach is to create somewhere (e.g., ~/Library/Catalogs under Mac OS X) a catalog.xml file that includes URI mappings for all the local .xsl files, then create somewhere (e.g., ~/Library/Java) a CatalogManager.properties file that tells the resolver where to find catalog files (both user and system). Ensure that CatalogManager.properties or more likely its containing directory is in your Java class path. See the configuration directory for examples of both these files that you can use as a template.

To update:

    git pull

Documents that use the framework depend on the master stylesheets, and so will automatically rebuild from scratch the next time they are built.

Most of the actual stylesheet code is in the modules directory.