LaTeX / lectureworksheet.cls
\def\filedate{28 January 2014}
% Document class for lecture/lab worksheets (particularly for fourth year).
% Version History
% v1.0   Initial version.
% v1.1   Added experimental Xe(La)TeX support.
%        Added boxedminipage and siunitx packages.
% v1.1.1 Switched to LoadClassWithOptions instead of the more convoluted method.
% v1.1.2 Pulled global hyperref configuration into the class file.
% v1.1.3 Changed hyperref initialisation order.
% v1.2   Moved Xe(La)TeX support into lecturecommon.sty.

         [2014/01/28 INFO lecture worksheet style, v.1.2]


% Load required packages.
\RequirePackage{parskip}        % Space-separated rather than indented paragraphs.
% DO NOT REMOVE THE NEXT LINE! The lecturecommon package loads a bunch
% of other packages and sets up various counters, etc., several of which
% are used below.

% Some additional variables.

% Package initialisation.

% geometry setup.

% hyperref setup. We can't execute this immediately, because the
% macros referenced here haven't been set yet. All paper and chapter
% variables (where applicable) must therefore be initialised in the
% document preamble.
        pdftitle={\PaperCode\ class worksheet, week \WeekNumber},%
        pdfauthor={Information Science, University of Otago},%