LaTeX /

Various LaTeX classes. Note that some of this exists as independent LaTeX repostiories (e.g., ouexam, beamerthemes). You can find these repositories on [Github][].

To install, ensure that $TEXMFHOME is set to your personal texmf tree (e.g., ~/.texmf), then:

git clone
cd LaTeX
make install

Everything should just work beyond that point (fingers crossed! ☺), barring any backwards incompatible changes to classes or the like.

For developers only

Normal users of the LaTeX repository should ignore the following!

The beamerthemes, listings, and ouexam subdirectories are git subtrees pointing to independent repositories. If you’re intending to edit the contents of these directories, you make a separate clone of the original repository.

To pull upstream changes to the subtrees (e.g., for ouexam): git subtree pull --prefix=ouexam --squash ouexam master