ouexam / INSTALL
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ouexam 2.3 Requirements and Installation

You will need the verbatim, fontenc, textcomp and lmodern packages in
order to use ouexam. These should come standard with most TeX
installations. To build the documentation and example files, you will
need at least version 1.1 of the listings package, and pdfjam.

To install the easy way:

	1 Unpack the distribution archive and cd to the distribution

	2 make
	3 make install TEXMF_INSTALL=/path/to/texmf.
	  /path/to/texmf should be the root of your preferred texmf tree
	  (e.g., /usr/share/texmf). You may need to do this as root
	  depending on which texmf tree you are installing into. You can
	  also define TEXMF_INSTALL as an environment variable then simply
	  type make install.

To install manually, unpack the distribution archive, cd to the
distribution directory, and do the following (now you know why there's a
Makefile :)

latex ouexam.ins
pdflatex example1.tex
pdflatex example1.tex
pdfjam --outfile eg1-1.pdf example1.pdf 1
pdfjam --outfile eg1-2.pdf example1.pdf 2
pdfjam --outfile eg1-3.pdf example1.pdf 3
pdflatex example2.tex
pdflatex example2.tex
pdfjam --outfile eg2-1.pdf example2.pdf 1
pdfjam --outfile eg2-2.pdf example2.pdf 2
pdfjam --outfile eg2-3.pdf example2.pdf 3
pdfjam --outfile eg2-4.pdf example2.pdf 4
pdflatex ouexam.dtx
pdflatex ouexam.dtx
pdflatex ouexam.dtx

Put ouexam.cls in /path/to/texmf/tex/latex/ouexam.

Put eg*.pdf, ouexam.pdf, ouexam.dtx, ouexam.ins, FAQ,
INSTALL, MANIFEST, README and TODO in /path/to/texmf/doc/latex/ouexam.

Put Create*.pdf, example*.tex, example*.pdf and
lstlang0.sty in /path/to/texmf/doc/latex/ouexam/example.