ouexam / TODO
nstanger on 5 Apr 2004 1 KB - Added version 2.0.2 files.
¥ Figure out how to gobble line breaks before a \end{subquestion} so that they
  don't screw up the positioning of the number of marks. A similar issue seems
  to arise with lgrind'ed listings that appear at the end of questions (but
  this actually causes things to break).

¥ Some way of entering timings for questions (Andrew L.):

> Further to our discussion on exam timings. Maybe it would be 
> useful to provide a way to show the timings for each question
> using your LaTeX exam class? Perhaps they could appear in the 
> margin next to each question.

¥ Add up marks for marking schedule and check they are the same as the total
  marks for a question (Richard?).

¥ Generate marking sheets from the marking schedule info? (to appear at end
  of document)

¥ Reinstate question mark subtotals as a class option (format [Question y total
  x marks]).

¥ Options for positioning of mark amounts (end of question vs. in margin).

¥ Styles for number of marks?

¥ Options for positioning of page numbers (footer vs. header).

¥ Different types of questions (e.g., multiple choice, fill in the blank, etc.).

¥ Does the draft option need to be passed to the article class?

¥ \questionskip: how much whitespace after a question (default \baselineskip).
  Turn this off when markingschedule is active?