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Create a new task

task add <task description> project:<project name> due:<date>

<project name> can be hierarchical, e.g. root.sub

date can be tested using task calc <date>.

Mark a task as done

# list tasks

#mark as done
task <task ID> done

Filter by days remaining

task due.before:1w

Gantt Chart

Uses the following project:

task-gantt --stdout status:pending project.not:Personal | feh --image-bg black -

Recurring tasks

A recurring task will be automatically repeated. Can be useful for creating tasks that need to be performed weekly/monthly.


task add due:Friday recur:weekly until:2020-06-01

Finding recurring tasks

task recurring

Stopping recurrence

If an until date was set then the recurrence will automatically stop on that date. Otherwise, you can use the following:

task modify <task ID> until:now