httpcat / src / global_options.go
  Author: Mark George <>
  License: Zero-Clause BSD License

package main

type GlobalOptions struct {
	Verbose      bool `short:"v" long:"verbose" description:"Show additional details"`
	HeadersOnly  bool `long:"headers" description:"Show headers and request/status line only (default is everything)"`
	BodiesOnly   bool `long:"bodies" description:"Show bodies only (default is everything)"`
	NoColour     bool `long:"nocolour" description:"Don't use colours (default is requests in blue and responses in red)"`
	NoTimestamps bool `long:"notimestamps" description:"Don't show timestamps"`
	NoIndent     bool `long:"noindent" description:"Don't indent bodies (currently, only application/json bodies are indented)"`

var (
	globalOptions = new(GlobalOptions)