A netcat-like tool for analysing or mocking HTTP requests.

Mark authored on 23 Sep 2014
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A netcat like tool for analysing HTTP requests (from both server and client perspective). My first experiment with Go.


      Client mode
         httpcat -client [options] http://uri-to-send-request-to.com

      Server mode
         httpcat -server [options]

      Options (either mode)
         -complete or -c : Display entire request/response instead of just the body.
         -verbose or -v : Be verbose.

      Options (client mode only)
         -accept or -a [accept string] : Adds 'Accept' header to request.

      Options (server mode only)
         -body or -b [body message] : Body to respond with.  Response code will default to 200.
         -port or -p [port] : Port to listen on.
         -response or -r [response code] : Status code to respond with.  Defaults to 204.
         -separator or -s [separator string] : Use the provided separator to separate messages.