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	\textbf{The Information Science}

	\textbf{Discussion Paper Series}	\\[\baselineskip]


	Number \thenumber	\\
	\themonth	\\
	ISSN 1177-455X



	University of Otago	\\[\baselineskip]

	Department of Information Science

\noindent The Department of Information Science is one of six departments that make up the Otago Business School at the University of Otago. The department offers courses of study leading to a major in Information Science within the BCom, BA and BSc degrees. In addition to undergraduate teaching, the department is also strongly involved in postgraduate research programmes leading to MCom, MA, MSc and PhD degrees. Research projects in autonomous systems, data science, human computer interaction, information systems and software engineering, and intelligent computing and networking are particularly well supported.	\\

\noindent The views expressed in this paper are not necessarily those of the department as a whole. The accuracy of the information presented in this paper is the sole responsibility of the authors.	\\


\noindent Copyright remains with the authors. Permission to copy for research or teaching purposes is granted on the condition that the authors and the Series are given due acknowledgment. Reproduction in any form for purposes other than research or teaching is forbidden unless prior written permission has been obtained from the authors.	\\


\noindent This paper represents work to date and may not necessarily form the basis for the authors' final conclusions relating to this topic. It is likely, however, that the paper will appear in some form in a journal or in conference proceedings in the near future. The authors would be pleased to receive correspondence in connection with any of the issues raised in this paper, or for subsequent publication details. Please write directly to the authors at the address provided below, or via the email address in the paper (if provided). Details of final journal/conference publication venues for these papers are also provided on the Department's publications web pages: \href{} {}. Any other correspondence concerning the Series should be sent to the DPS Coordinator.	\\[2\baselineskip]

	Department of Information Science	\\
	University of Otago	\\
	P O Box 56	\\
	Dunedin	\\

	Fax: +64 3 479 8311	\\
	email: \href{}{}	\\
	www: \href{}{}


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