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Various LaTeX classes. Note that some of this exists as independent LaTeX repostiories (e.g., ouexam, beamerthemes). You can find these repositories on [Github][].

## Installation approach 1: Git

`git clone` this repository into somewhere suitable in your local LaTeX tree. Then you can simply `git pull` to update to newer versions. This means you have a lot of irrelevant git-related files in your LaTeX tree, but it’s simple to manage.

## Installation approach 2: Make

To install, ensure that `$TEXMFHOME` is set to your personal texmf tree (e.g., `~/.texmf`), then:

git clone
cd LaTeX
make install

Everything should just work beyond that point (fingers crossed! ☺), barring any backwards incompatible changes to classes or the like.

### For developers only ###

*Normal users of the LaTeX repository should ignore the following!*

The `beamerthemes`, `lectures`, `listings`, and `ouexam` subdirectories are git subtrees pointing to independent repositories. If you’re intending to edit the contents of these directories, you make a separate clone of the original repository.

To pull upstream changes to the subtrees (e.g., for `ouexam`): `git subtree pull --prefix=ouexam --squash ouexam master`

Cloning the repository will lose the subtree associations. To restore these:

git remote add -f beamerthemes
git remote add -f lectures
git remote add -f listings
git remote add -f ouexam

then update using the command above.

[github]: "Github"