Various teaching-related LaTeX files, including several independent LaTeX repositories as subtrees

Nigel Stanger authored on 5 Feb 2014
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Various LaTeX classes. Note that some of this exists as independent LaTeX repostiories (e.g., ouexam, beamerthemes). These are included as submodules.

To install, ensure that $TEXMFHOME is set to your personal texmf tree (e.g., ~/.texmf), then:

% git clone
% cd LaTeX
% git submodule update
% make install

Everything should just work beyond that point (fingers crossed! ☺), barring any backwards incompatible changes to classes or the like.

IMPORTANT!! If you change any of the submodules, make sure that you commit and push the submodule first, then commit and push this repository to resynchronise the submodule pointer. Otherwise you’ll end up with a detached HEAD in the submodule and things can get very messy!

Assuming everything is properly pushed, then updating on other clients is just a matter of:

% git pull
% cd submodule; git pull; cd ..
% git submodule update
% make install