process_podcast /
import shutil
import unittest

from shell_command import ConvertCommand
from test_shared import ShellCommandSharedTestCase

class ConvertCommandTestCase(ShellCommandSharedTestCase):
    """Test the ConvertCommand class."""

    def setUp(self):
        """Set up for test."""
        # Make sure the input and output options are explicitly set,
        # otherwise they hang around from previous tests.
        self.command = ConvertCommand(
            input_options=["in.pdf[12]"], output_options=["out.png"])
        self.expected_executable = shutil.which("convert")
        self.expected_base_options = [
            "-size", "2048x1536",
            "-density", "600",
            "xc:dimgrey", "null:",
        self.expected_input_options = [
            "-resize", "2048x1536",
            "-background", "white", 
            "-alpha", "remove",
            "-type", "truecolor",
            "-define", "colorspace:auto-grayscale=off",
        self.expected_filter_options = []
        self.expected_output_options = [
            "-gravity", "center",
            "-layers", "composite",

    def tearDown(self):
        """Clean up after test."""
        self.command = None

# Remove ShellCommandSharedTestCase from the namespace so we don't run
# the shared tests twice. See <>.