process_podcast /
import shutil
from pathlib import Path
import tempfile
import unittest

from shell_command import FFmpegCommand
from test_shared import ShellCommandSharedTestCase

class FFmpegCommandTestCase(ShellCommandSharedTestCase):
    """Test the FFmpegCommand class.

    def setUp(self):
        """Initialisation. Make sure the input and output options are
        explicitly set otherwise they hang around from previous tests.
        A fresh temporary file is created for each test.
        self.command = FFmpegCommand(
            input_options=["-i", ""], output_options=[""])
        self.expected_executable = shutil.which("ffmpeg")
        self.expected_base_options = ["-y", "-nostdin",]
        self.expected_input_options = ["-i", ""]
        self.expected_filter_options = []
        self.expected_output_options = [""]

    def tearDown(self):
        self.command = None

# Remove ShellCommandSharedTestCase from the namespace so we don't run
# the shared tests twice. See <>.