Python script for processing and assembling a podcast from various input sources

Nigel Stanger authored on 1 Sep 2016
test • Added test config files for parser. 7 years ago • Removed the --config-help option as there appears to be no easy way to create additional standalone help-style options with argparse (it complains that there aren’t enough arguments because the positional argument is missing). The help text has been put into a separate Markdown file instead. (closes #12) 7 years ago • Normalised terminology around “streams” (closes #21). 7 years ago • Updated name of program. 7 years ago • Added print_progress() function and implemented progress bar for frame processing (partial progress—hah!—towards #18). 7 years ago • Moved frame segment post-processing into a function. 7 years ago • Ensured that audio/video output options and filters are only included when there actually is an audio/video stream (closes #19). 7 years ago