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Setting up Uniprint

Nigel Stanger edited this page on 4 Feb 2022

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Under Big Sur (earlier?) the CUPS web interface is disabled by default. cupsctl WebInterface=yes will enable it (this appears to be per session rather than global, but at least it tells you what you need to do).

Install the latest version of the UFR drivers from Canon (10.19.10 as of 2022-01-19). Finding them on Canon’s website is a rigamarole as you can only search by printer model, which is dumb given that the models listed keep changing and no longer match what the University has, and the UFR drivers are generic. Best to search for “imagerunner advance” and look for a model vaguely similar to a C256 or C5560 (e.g., C356 as of February 2022).

Queues as of February 2022: C256i B&W, C256i Colour, C5560i B&W, C5560i Colour. Probably need to recreate these after updating the drivers (if you reset the printing system it will delete all the queues anyway). Default options should be OK for most things, but check two-sided printing is set (Finishing ▸ Print Style ▸ 2-sided Printing). Both B&W queues should have Quality ▸ Color Mode ▸ Black and White, and both Colour queues should have Quality ▸ Color Mode ▸ Color. Both C5560i queues should have Options Installed ▸ Staple Finisher Y1, Finishing ▸ Binding Location ▸ Long Edge (Left), and Finishing ▸ Position ▸ Upper Left (Single).

Create new queues using the CUPS web interface, the Printers & Scanners preference pane doesn’t seem to support adding Windows print queues directly (or I just haven’t figured out the correct magic beans). Select “Windows printer via spoolss”, connection URL smb:// Newly created queues will probably require staff account authentication (registry\username). If authentication is borked try clicking the refresh button on the job in the print queue if there is one, or failing that delete the password from the keychain. Restarting CUPS may or may not help (sudo killall -HUP cupsd).